Roxy Hauldren: Shopping & Style Expert, Retail Enthusiast

In 2012, Roxanne discovered her love for the Fashion industry and the incredible community of designers and makers who put their heart and soul into creating beautiful designs. She knew she had found a home for her shopping tours! 

Rox started off with one designer allowing her to bring her clients to her showroom (and generous enough to offer discounts) and seven years later Shop with has partnered with over fifty makers, artisans and countless boutiques throughout NYC and the US!

Shop With has been named one of NYC’s top fashion and personal shopping experiences and has been featured on CBS, Where Traveler, Racked and Bravo.

What We Believe

Fashion has no age, no race, no size and no budget. We have designers, showrooms and boutiques for every price point and every size. I have affordably replaced wardrobe's for college students and shopped with celebrities. 

We hope to inspire you to wear what makes you feel great, encourage you to buy local and make shopping in NYC fun and accessible for all.

Five years and over 800 hundred shoppers later, our mission is to make NYC have a warm place in your heart and continue to open the doors of New York's Fashion Community.

Let's Talk Shop!

Rox doesn't just love retail -- she lives it! In her "down time" she's a go-to trend, product expert and retail consultant, who's trekked to London, Vienna, Prague, Munich, Paris, Krakow, and throughout the US in the name of her craft.

Roxanne helps bring to life creative strategies, experiences and brand partnerships that result in meaningful and profitable shopper connections. Past clients include Starwood Hotels, Moxy Marriott, Keller Williams Realty and Kimpton Properties.

Fun fact? Rox's client roster spans the globe, from Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, to Sidney, Singapore, and every state in the USA.

She is a public speaker and contributor on topics like style, retail trends and community building for CBS, Bravo, and GuildMagazine.

Read more about Roxanne here and visit our consulting page.